Happy Easter Sunday 2018 Greetings

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Happy Easter Sunday 2018 Greetings

May this Easter Sunday inspire you to new hope, happiness, prosperity and abundance, all received through God’s divine grace.

Smile and celebrate this day! Jesus Christ conquered death and will be with us forever! Happy Easter! 

What a lovely day!
Let us shout our hearts out as we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior!
Happy Easter!

Share a hug, give happiness to the people around.
Today is a day to celebrate the rising of Christ!
May the Lord be with you always!

Easter gives hope for tomorrow, As after the winter comes Spring. Our hearts can be filled with gladness As hearts rejoice and sing.

Be blessed because we are given another chance to live a clean life. Examine yourself and be deserving of this gift. Happy Easter!

Easter is a wonderful day to celebrate all Christ has done for us. Have a Blessed Easter!

A happy person is someone who has found God. I wish you’ll see Him too. Happy Easter!

Easter is a good time to enjoy all of your many meaningful blessings: family, friends, Jesus, and, of course, chocolate molded into tasty bunnies.

The Easter feeling does not end,
it signals a new beggining of nature spring
and brand new life of friendship.
Happy Easter to My Best Friend!

aster is God’s blessing to the world. It is his way of telling us that, love and hope still exists in the world. May you have a learned Easter.

May the angels protect u...
may the sadness forget u...
may goodness surround u...
and may Allah always bless u...
Happy Easter!!!

Easter is the time to repent for all our sins and thank God for all his blessings over us. Let us prepare ourselves for the returning of Christ. Happy Easter to you.

Q: What do you call Easter
when you are hopping around?
A: Hoppy Easter!

Easter reminds us that hope must never be lost for as dark as the road may seem, there always lies light at the end of it. May all your prayers be fulfilled. May you have a pleasant Easter!

The stone was rolled away from the door,
not to permit Christ to come out,
but to enable the disciples to go in." - Peter Marshall

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