Top # 5 * Easter Sunday Games for Kids 2018

Easter games for kids: Are you looking for the ideas for Easter games for kids? then you are at the right place. On this Easter 2018, we have amazing ideas about the Easter games for kids.

The Passover is a time of religious reflection, but also one of the most beautiful for children, peppered with all the joy of welcoming the family traditions spring to seek out the rabbit eggs and enjoy playing outdoors with family.

Top 5 Easter games for kids 2018 

Easter games for kids
Easter Sunday Games for Kids

Easter Sunday Games for Kids

To make the Easter, even more, fun, we recommend 5 sets for children who can not miss:

1. Scavenger Hunt: It tries to hide eggs easter but leave the kids easy for them to find clues. Prizes may be the same or some candy eggs. Is it a genuine natural adventure!

2. The egg on the spoon : Organize relay racing games, children must run or walk fast holding spoon with an egg on top and move the egg then another fellow with a spoon halfway. Win first come, first without throwing the egg. Do you dare?

3. Put the chicken in the egg : Make a colorful cardboard egg large and place it on a surface such as a tree or a wall outside. Draw and cut small number of chicks of about 12 centimeters and chocolates tape on the back. Delivery from a baby chick sell you eyes and give laps. Attendees should guide the child to put the chicken in the egg surface. Earn who have gotten the chick in the egg.

4. Obstacle : Use chairs, cushions and even cooler to invent an obstacle course for children. You can make it more complicated forcing them to carry an egg or egg basket in hand. Win that makes it to the finish in less time and with all the eggs.

5. Throwing eggs : This is played in pairs. Children should throw an egg like a ball, when someone throw an egg leaves the game and the other participants are separated one step away to whet the most complicated game. Earn who do not pull their egg.

Now, enjoy this Easter living with your family in a fun way.